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wow. what kind of best friend is that?! I'm so sorry it must have been awful


A very shitty one. It was worse than awful, I’ll tell you the story.

She invited me to my first new year doof party. We went with her hippy brother and his girlfriend and were going to camp there in a tent. After some weed and alcohol, we went to the dancing area which was filled with a mass amount of people. I saw a girl I know and had bad history with (she called the cops on my brother a while back) so I walked all the way back to the tent. Next thing I know, she was choking me up against a car because she followed me back there. I wasn’t able to get myself out of her grip, so fearing for my life I picked up the scissors that were next to me and got her good in the arm. And then she got extremely mad and proceeded to punch the living shit out of me. I was so out of it by then and couldn’t fight back. 20 agonizing blows to the head later, I couldn’t feel anything and barely knew where I was. Next thing I remember was everyone crowding me asking wtf happened and my hands and the ground was covered in blood. My best friends brother gave me a cloth to put on my face and then they put me in the passenger seat of the car and said go to sleep so they could go back and party. Of course I didn’t sleep, I just sat there crying for hours. They took me home at 7am and just left me there. Nobody was at my house either. I am pretty sure that I had a concussion and could of actually died as they didn’t take care of me at all.
My best friend said it was my fault and took sides with the girl who hurt me. The girl was a 21 year old mother of three kids. She charged me with assault, and since nobody took my side I was defenseless. I got countless death threats through facebook and didn’t leave my house for months. The police ended up forgetting about it and I never officially got charged. But after that, people stopped hanging out with me and I often heard pathetic rumors about myself. I was alone. I couldn’t feel my nose for at least 2 months after the fight and my specialist says that it is the reason that I now have constant jaw and back problems. I haven’t talked to my “best friend” since that night, but I know for a fact that she now hangs out with my towns biggest drop kicks and is unlikely to have a bright future.

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Best of dancing Joel

He’s so adorkable!

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